In 1980, John Andrusko started his career in the international freight forwarding industry out of the Minneapolis market. By the late 80’s he had worked for 3 different forwarding companies, from regional providers to multi-nationals. At that time, most freight forwarders were focusing on shippers moving manufactured goods, computers and imports. John had identified a niche market that was under-serviced by the conventional forwarding community: shippers of agricultural commodities.

John opened Professional Export Services in October of 1987, and quickly became known as “the ag guy” from Minnesota. Professional Exports was one the first companies in the country to move bagged and bulk commodities via ocean containers and airfreight. The business quickly grew as agricultural producers found new markets in Asia, Europe and South American that had once only been serviced via bulk Panamax vessels. For the first time, small and medium sized producers of soybeans, corn, planting seeds, and specialty crops were accessing foreign markets and utilizing containers to ship in quantities that were more readily absorbed into the supply chain. Having fulfilled the need of the small to medium sized producer to get their crop to market in a cost-effective and timely manner, Professional Exports has helped hundreds of shippers of agricultural commodities compete against some of the larger multi-national agricultural producers.

Rooted in the shipping of agricultural commodities, Professional Exports has been able to leverage the volume of those shippers to service manufacturers of agricultural machinery (containerized and RO-RO),  leisure boats, automobiles, and the dairy industry.

Professional Exports celebrated its 30th year of being in business in 2017. John and his dedicated team are very excited about the future and being of continued service to the international shipping community.